RESET Workshop

Our plugged in lives have us practicing poor posture as a rule, whittling away at our joints and connective tissue. Over time, our brains map their aberrant misalignment as normal. RESET focuses on reminding your brain and body what healthy posture feels like, tapping in to your proprioceptors and true "sense of self." Let us help you rediscover healthy alignment through tissue manipulation, and reeducate your brain and body on how to hold that realignment through Pilates. In your personalized workshop, we will asses your posture, educate you on some basic anatomy and the importance of breath, and RESET your posture and brain through tissue manipulation and Pilates. All experience levels are welcome. Recommended for anyone struggling with chronic issues from mild headaches to serious nervous system disorders, and those just wanting to learn about their bodies.


Saturday November 16th.

Saturday December 14th.

Saturday January 18th.