Andrea is an incredible therapist — intuitive, skilled, and gentle, but with strength and the perfect pressure. Even after moving to New York, I return to Maine as often as I can to seek her care. She has cared for my mother, as well, who has also experienced complex medical issues, and she has offered healing and relief to both of us. I’m grateful for Andrea and so fortunate she’s a part of my healthcare.
— Tavia G.

I’m so thankful that Andrea brought some physical challenges to my attention, because I want to attend to my body issues. And I’m so grateful that she helped to break down some of that pain in my muscles and back. My experience at Apple Core was nothing short of remarkable, especially since I was intially skeptical that massage could offer much relief, or any kind of insight.
— Catherine E.

After a fractured tuberosity of my humerus, my mobility was greatly compromised. Andrea was a huge part of my recovery and rehabilitation. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable!! If someone is in need of a therapeutic massage, I highly recommend this practice!
— Mark B.

Andrea is phenomenal. She can really seek out and release your pain and tension. I also feel relaxed and refreshed. Not just a body work but also a healer. This is a necessary form of self care. I was so impressed that I sent my partner to her as well. He came out scything “that massage just changed my life” yes!
— Lily D.H.

I’ve been to a lot of massage therapists all over the country, and Andrea is tops. A true healer, I walk out of her office feeling like a great weight has been lifted from my entire frame. She’s intuitive and puts all of her energy into releasing the places you hold tension (which for me is every molecule, hah!)
— Charlotte R.

Just tried the heated Amethyst bed! Such an incredible experience. Wasn’t sure what to expect as I climbed into the warmth. I first felt a tingling in my upper body, a clearing in my throat, and a sensation of radiant heat spread throughout my body unlike anything I can explain. The next thing I knew Andrea was gently waking me up!! I have never taken a nap and awoke feeling alert and recharged - this bed rocks..haha! ♡♡♡
— Rebecca L.