emily: focused myofascial release/DEEP TISSUE/deep relaxation: 30, 60, 90 & 120 minutes

Monday, Thursday & Friday: 8am-12pm.

Wednesday: 10am-8pm.

Saturday & Sunday: 8am-8pm.

andrea: myofascial release/deep tissue/structural integration

60, 90 & 120 minutes:

Monday APRIL 29th: 3:30pm.

Monday MAY 1st: 2:30pm.

Monday MAY 6th: 12:45pm-3pm.

Saturday MAY 11th: 2:45pm.

Tuesday MAY 14th: 12:30pm.

Wednesday MAY 15th: 11:45am and 3:30pm.

Thursday MAY 16th: 11:45am.

make sure to add cupping or interoral work to your session and check out our heated amethyst therapy availability as well!